Summer’s working for me on the Isle of Mull

It’s the summer of 1991, school’s out forever 🙂

Alas, pennies were in short supply and my university course was due to start in a few short months.  Whilst others were out travelling the world – I travelled around Scotland.. sort of.

The best way to go, was to work somewhere away from home.. thus a summer job was procured at the Tiroran Country House Hotel, where we girls had to handle everything from washing the dishes, to serving, to cooking to cleaning… The works… I did learn how to make the best mashed potato ever though, so it wasn’t in vain! (no, not sharing the recipe!)

Tiroran Country House Hotel, as it was in 1991

Ben More from the shore near Tiroran

View from Tiroran, looking east over Aird Kilfinichen

We had a day off, every so often, so I got a chance to take a boat trip to the Isle of Staffa. Unfortunately it was such awful weather that we couldn’t land, and had to be satisfied with ogling it from the choppy seas.

Isle of Staffa

Fingal’s Cave, the stuff of legend, is connected via these basaltic columns to the Giant’s Causeway – all the way over in Northern Ireland.  The gaelic name for this cave is Uamh-Binn, which means “cave of melody” and is in recognition of the eerie sounds produced by the echoes of the waves as they crash within.

Fingal's Cave, Isle of Staffa

Isle of Mull, and Isle of Staffa – June-July, 1991

Info: Pentax P30T, ISO 400 – scanned using Canon CanoScan 8800F, cleaned up in Photoshop v5.

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