Lossiemouth Lighthouse

Quite frankly the state of these negatives, which have been preserved in-situ since their day of processing, leaves a lot to be desired. As well as scratches and embedded dust and lint “gaps”, you can actually see swirly textures where the developing fluid was smooshed around..presumably some muppet was in the mix that day.

These photos are taken from only the 3rd roll of film using this camera, which was a huge upgrade from some other awful “point-and-shoot” number – that I can’t even remember the make of it!  I had a lot to learn..not least where to get my film developed!

The West Beach at Lossiemouth is a fantastic beach up on the north-east coast of Scotland, and one which we frequented as kids as often as the weather was OK. It didn’t necessarily have to be baking hot and sunny, which is fairly unlikely in any event, as we loved to go for long strolls right the way up to the lighthouse and beyond.  So long as it wasn’t tipping down with rain, or howling a gale – we’d come here for a Sunday afternoon walk.

A classic case of before:

and after:

and a black & white conversion… just for fun 🙂

Lossiemouth West Beach – August, 1992

Info: Pentax P30T, ISO 400. Scanned negatives using Canon CanoScan 8800F and cleaned up in PhotoShop v5.


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