Around and About Ullapool

It’s a terrible thing when you can’t remember anything about a field trip, albeit 19 years ago.  I know it was centered around Ullapool, on the west coast of Scotland, and I know there were some sites that we visited that had something to do with the Assynt Window.  Other than that, I draw a blank.

View out across Loch Broom

Our accommodation for the week long trip, was a group of chalets at Ardmair, outside Ullapool.  I think this could have been a clever tactic by our profs to ensure that we didn’t spend too much time at the local pub 😉

The view across Ardmair Bay from our chalet

Slightly further on from us was the Ardmair campsite.  A beautiful setting indeed.

Ardmair Campsite

Loch Achall, in the hills above Ullapool

A walk in the woods

And now for some token geological photography.

Obligatory road-side cutting.. Pegmatitic intrusions...

There's a thrust in there somewhere!

Edinburgh University Geology Field Trip, July 1992

Info: Pentax P30T, ISO 400. Scanned negatives using CanoScan 8800F, cleaned up in Photoshop v5.


2 thoughts on “Around and About Ullapool

    1. I think you would like it too! – I’m not always sure I do the scenery enough justice; there is always so much to cram in! The beauty of Scotland is the freedom to roam just about any where you want to. There are public pathways through the most magnificent locations.. and contrary to popular is NOT always raining! 😉

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