A Christmas family holiday took us all the way down from Washington DC to the summery sunshine of Florida.  I took a load of photos from all the typical Orlando area places families would normally visit: Disney World, Epcot Centre, Universal Studios (on New Years Eve no less).  All my photos look, well, a bit blah really.

Disappointing – but they still bring back some cheesy memories which is, at least, amusing.  I am choosing to share a couple of pics from Sea World (manatees and lion fish) – not because they are anything overly exciting, but because I always feel so much more peaceful when I look at them. It’s probably a water thing. The gator pic – well, they sort of look happily evil, in a way that only gators can…

Gatorland & Sea World, Florida – December, 1993

Info: Pentax P30T, ISO 400. Scanned negatives using CanoScan 8800F – cleaned up in Photoshop.v5