Field Tripping in the Isle of Mull

Hot on the heels of the week in Kinlochleven, comes yet another field trip: The Isle of Mull.  This also marks a return to Mull for me, personally, and it was great to be back.

Ben More from Pennyghael

I’m slightly concerned, now that I look back after 17 years, to see that all the places I know I have visited didn’t even make it onto a roll of film! Tragedy – I’ll definitely have to go back again 😉

Looking north from Bunessen

I know I’ve seen the painted houses of Tobermory, the abbey on Iona, the cliffs that drop into the sea at Carsaig Bay, the awesome beach at Ardanalish Bay and also that at the head of Loch na Keal.  I’m very sad that I can’t seem to find a picture of the Kinloch Hotel, Pennyghael, which is very special to my memories.  It used to house “The Smallest Pub in Scotland”.  At least it did back then. They’ve since expanded…

"Somewhere" on the south coast

I also can’t believe there is no photo from halfway up Ben More.  It felt like we climbed more than halfway up, but on that particular day I do remember the clouds were so low and almost purple-black in colour, it would have been difficult to tell for sure.  Other days, were quite stunningly clear. Not warm, but lovely and clear!

You can see the Paps of Jura from here! - A clear day indeed

Ben More - free of clouds

I do, however, have a series of photographs of my “then” crazy classmates taking a dip in Loch Scridain, on a day similar to the one when we had to climb up the side of Ben More. You’ll see. Crazy. They shall remain nameless…

Mid-day dip in Loch Scridain

Initial shock and reality quickly sets in. Yes - It's rather chilly in here!

..they all survive to become the captains of industry another day...

They haven’t stopped laughing yet….

South-west of the Island of Mull, Scotland – Easter, 1994

Info: Pentax P30T, ISO 400. Scanned negatives using CanoScan 8800F – cleaned up in Photoshop v5


2 thoughts on “Field Tripping in the Isle of Mull

    1. April is a good month to visit. May, in my opinion is THE best month of the year. Some say it is the best chance we Scots have of a “real summer”. April shouldn’t disappoint though! The boys did enjoy their dip, but were much wiser the next trip when a new crazy suggestion was made!

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