Back for a second time, and this time during summer months.  I escaped from home for a day to explore a little more of the down-town DC area.

United States Capitol

Still a student at this point, my photography was still restricted by the usual lack of funds.  I pretty much followed the “one-shot-will-have-to-do”  principle, to the letter.  Those were the “good” old pre-digital days.

The Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Memorial at the other end of the Reflecting Pool

As well as visiting a couple of the more obvious land marks, I climbed up the Old Post Office Tower and respectfully meandered through Arlington Cemetery, including the eternal flame at JFK’s grave site.

A view from within The Old Post Office Tower

Arlington Cemetery

The Eternal Flame at JFK's grave

Different days led to different terrains.  A visit to the Great Falls on the Potomac River is a must. The sheer scale of these waterfalls is easy to underestimate in this photo. It is only when you see people in the lower left corner that you realise how enormous this place is.

The Great Falls on the Potomac

Further afield led to an underground visit to the Luray Caverns.  I like this shot because of the reflections. It’s not too bad for a hand-held shot.

Stalactites at Luray Caverns

Washington DC, Great Falls on Potomac River, Luray Caverns – September, 1994

Info: Pentax P30T. Scanned negatives using CanoScan 8800F – cleaned up with Powershop v5