I was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a couple of years ago, for my brother’s wedding.  It was decided that all travelling guests were to stay at the same hotel.  This was so that the bus could pick everyone up from the same place, at the same time and get us to the church on time.  That hotel was the Hilton on the banks of the River Tyne.  Our room had a view of the Tyne Bridge, but it was far from the usual perspective.

I had literally just got this camera (the day before) and was still fiddling around with settings, pointing it out of the window and snapping whatever was in range.  The windows, unfortunately, didn’t open.  You’ll see that the left half of the frame is slightly faded and less in focus and I’m not clever enough in Photoshop to fix it without it going grainy (if it is possible?). I, nevertheless, still like this picture.  I hope you do too!

Newcastle, England – July, 2009