Ok, admittedly, I am getting a little bored of it myself.. Unfortunately for you folks, you’ll also just have to put up with yet one more image of the “Supermoon”.  After reading up about it over the last day or so, I figured that I would also attempt to capture the phenomenon, even though I knew it was just an illusion.  I noted down settings that the real photographers out there were using and made my play.  Due to the dust in the atmosphere, I couldn’t catch it as it peeked up above the horizon. I had to wait until it was at least 15 degrees higher.  I’m not sure if it is my camera (Canon EOS 50D), my lens (EF 70-300mm), my location (Bamako = Harmattan Dust in atmosphere) or my lack of tripod (or all of the above)..but my images just aren’t as sharp as I would have liked.

In amongst all the articles I pulled up on the web, highlighting its super-sizing due it being closer to the Earth than it has been for some 17/18/19 years (no corroboration on that fact, I noted), was one article who quoted some Astronomer as saying something along the lines of  “..the increase in the size of the supermoon will be unnoticeable to the naked eye.  Many people will not even notice that there is a supermoon at all.  The full moon in March will appear no larger than the full moon of February..” (or words to that effect, I can’t find the article again).

Bamako – March, 2011