Take a Step Back in Time – Pennsylvania Dutch Country

I have very few photos of this trip that my mum took me on.  I also have fairly little recollection of the trip – in terms of how many days we spent away from home.  I do, however, remember eyeing up lots of hollowed out pumpkin gourds and hand-quilted bedspreads.  This is possibly where my interests in quilting began. I haven’t made any yet – I’ve tried designing a few and I’m just waiting to be beside my sewing machine again.  I have all the material waiting for me back home (always waiting, sigh).

Drying tobacco leaves

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country is centred on the south-eastern counties of the State of Pennsylvania, USA.  It is home to, amongst others, the Amish people.  Driving through the streets of the local towns, it is not unusual to see horses with their buggies parked up in front of the grocery store.  It is very “old world” trapped in the modern-day.  Horses and buggies also have to comply with a red light!

My favourite photos from this trip include a horse and buggy (above), and a wooden, covered bridge.  It looks like it is straight out of the movie “The Bridges of Madison County”.  I think I have identified it as the “Red Run Covered Bridge” (through Wikipedia’s list of covered bridges), which is found in the north-east of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA  September, 1994

Info: Pentax P30T, scanned negatives with CanoScan 8800F – edited in Photoshop v5


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