In other words: I haven’t a clue what this beautiful flower is called! – That won’t diminish my appreciation of it, however…

My knowledge of flowers is pretty basic, an area in which I would like to improve.  Possibly because I have realised that I happen to really like taking photos of flowers!  I’ve tried looking it up on the internet, but haven’t had much joy so far.  If push comes to shove, I would plump for a resemblance to the cornflower… not just for the colour!  If any of you, who happen to chance upon this post, do know anything about what this plant is called and where it may be from (photo was taken in botanical gardens, therefore not necessarily a local plant!) I would greatly appreciate if you could let me in on the secret!

I can’t help but think that this flower could provide inspiration for “A day at the races – Royal Ascot” style hat!

Another photo from the RBGE, July 2010.

UPDATE: – Title has been updated based on Lisa & Friend’s help (see comments) “Love in a Mist” is otherwise known as Nigella damascena