Mali Field Camp Files – It’s Neither The Jungle, Nor The Sahara Desert

It’s not even the Sahel.  It is part of the transition zone between jungle and desert, just to the south of the Sahel – and is probably a few hundred kilometres deep. It is the Sudanian Savanna – a tropical savanna.

Rainfall in this part of the world is limited to one, short season.  Typically, this is between the months of June – September.  The remainder of the year is bone dry.  Dry isn’t so bad between November – February.  From March until the next rainy season.. well, if the locals refer to this part of the year as “The Hell Quarter”, you can only guess what I might make of it.

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye from the world of plants…

As an aside note: I’m now back in SA – and thoroughly enjoying the fact that I can upload far more photos, in far less time than it takes in Mali… 🙂

Been there? Done that? Seen it? tell!

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