It is in blogs as it is in real life; I can’t seem to hang around in cities too long without hankering to be in and around nature 🙂

If you recognise this photo from The Unwitting Traveller, this post is part of my deconstruction program.

You know when something just isn’t working for you? Well The Unwitting Traveller just wasn’t working for me.

I found that my writing skills lacked any (read: every) kind of genius.  In addition, I felt that I had to include “filler” photos to help tell the story, which totally obscured any decent photos there might have been.  The end result was less than fulfilling on any kind of level.  If I thought it was lame (read: crap) then what on earth could I expect any potential readers to think?!

Kruger National Park, South Africa – April, 2011

UPDATE: Well, wouldn’t you know. I’ve now decided to keep The Unwitting Traveller and scrap Scene | Scope.  Just goes to show – NEVER say never!