Well, it was all happening yesterday afternoon!  They say things come in 3’s – and these were very good 3’s indeed.

1: – I got my leaking roof fixed.  It was a complete sieve and the last storm that passed through left my sitting room floating in a large puddle.  I was quite content with that alone – that had already made my day

So I popped out to buy some milk and a lottery ticket 😉  came home and found:

2: –  “The Email”… I got Freshly Pressed for my “Ripples in the Sand” post!  WOW!! What can I say – but just “WOW!!”?

then to top it all off –

3: – We enjoyed the most amazing sunset, which I had to try to capture before really taking stock of my new-found status.  Proving, once again, that Nature is simply stunning 🙂

(And no, my numbers didn’t win a cent… but that would have been a fourth and things don’t happen in 4’s! Next time perhaps 😉 )

Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa, 14 June, 2011