This week we have been spending some quality family time on the east coast of South Africa, just south of Durban in a seaside resort by the name of Margate.  Whilst the rest of South Africa is in the chilly grip of winter – here we can waltz around in t-shirts and shorts.  It was like travelling backwards in time – from winter, through autumn and back in to summer. Quite an odd feeling – but we’re thankful for it nonetheless 🙂

Talking of time – timing IS everything.

We were killing a couple of hours at one of the local shopping malls yesterday – and I mooched into a camera shop – as is my wont…

I’ve been ogling a new telephoto lens for some time now. A big ‘un… A beauty..

Yesterday I bought it.  Now that’s what I call retail therapy 😉

This morning we witnessed an annual phenomenon, which involves millions, if not billions, of the South African pilchard – Sardinops sagax.

They spawn in the cooler waters of the Agulhas Bank (a broad, shallow part of the Southern African Continental Shelf) , then migrate northwards up the eastern coastline as far as Mozambique.

It is quite the spectacle – with Cape Gannets plunging into the water from great heights to catch these silvery fishies.  The surface of the sea is foaming and boiling with activity.

Normally, dolphins and other predatory fish join in the heaving hectic body of fish – but we have apparently missed the “big” migration and did not see any 😦  This was merely the “tail end” of the event.

Our apartment is at the opposite end of the beach to all this activity, but with my beautiful new baby, I was able to capture some of the action.


Margate, Kwa-Zulu Natal – June, 2011