A sneaky plan perhaps…

A week, or so, ago I was posting photographs of my natural surroundings from my weekend in the Free State in the posts, entitled:

Incommunicado in the CountrysideTuck Box – [Reindeer]Cactus in the Sky, Opposites AttractInternal Fibrous Structure of the Prickly PearWinter WindbreakersEvergreen with the Everblue, Afternoon Shadows.

What I never mentioned at the time was the quick trip I made to peruse some Rock Art.

Here is a taster, showing an antelope of some kind and a dancing figure in the top right hand corner.

Perhaps you are more than happy just looking at this photograph, but should your interest be tweaked enough to allow your curiosity to get the better of you and you want more… then head on over to The Unwitting Traveller and the post entitled “Bushman Rock Art in the Free State, South Africa”.

Some weeks ago I was disgruntled with The Unwitting Traveller and almost consigned it to the blog-bin.  I have since realised that it does have it’s place after all (in my view anyway).

From time to time, I will post a photograph here with a link through to a more detailed post on the same topic.  There is no obligation to click the link or follow anything you don’t wish to, of course 😉

Nr Memel, Free State – June, 2011