7 Links is an award that “forces” you to sift through your previous posts and pick out seven based on certain categories (see below).  Lisa at Notes From Africa recently bestowed this honour upon me (read her post here) – and I in turn, will nominate my favourite bloggers to receive this award.

It’s one of the few awards flying around the blogs that is actually quite rewarding in its way. None of this “list 7 things that no-one knows about you” over-share malarkey here.  In reviewing your past posts, stats and comments – you can bring to attention some of your favourite write-ups that may have otherwise languished in relative obscurity in your archives.  I only have 41 posts to choose from – and the early stuff…hmm, well let’s say I was still finding my blogging feet… Thus, my choices are mostly from relatively recent posts.

So, without further ado….

1: My Most Beautiful Post

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and for all the scenery and natural beauty I’ve gazed at in different parts of the world (which I still haven’t gotten around to posting about yet), I still love the photos I took in “Kinlochleven in 1994” during a field trip.  Scottish weather makes for beautiful contrasts…

2: My Most Popular Post

An easy choice here – “The Giant’s Causeway: Part Geology – Part Mythology” enjoyed gigantic success last week – being Freshly Pressed for a ridiculously long 72 hours – and it wasn’t even a weekend! If any of you are wondering how I managed to get a “sticky” FP post – I swear I haven’t a clue!  With a staggering 5509 hits thus far – The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland appears to be on many a blogger’s travel list. I’m (not so secretly) chuffed that I managed to get so many people to read through the geological description 😉

Polygonal basalt columns

3: My Most Controversial Post

I try to steer away from being controversial, but I think that “Traditional Ground Blessing and the Sacrificial Cow” might just do it for some of you.  If you are a member of PETA – or share their ideals, this may not be the post for you…

Controversial enough for you??

4: My Most Helpful Post

Hmmm. Helpful. Not sure I “do” helpful, but if any of you out there wonder at what it is to be a geologist in far-flung places, and ever have the notion that this is a glamorous profession – let me help you see it in a slightly different light in “Mali Field Camp Files – Field Work“.

The Cyclone warming up

5: A Surprisingly Successful Post

The Isle of Skye is obviously a beautiful place in its own right – and although my BackBlog post from 1994 doesn’t do nearly enough justice to this lovely spot, it has enjoyed continuous interest since it was first posted in March, 2011.

6: My Most Under-rated Post

I’ve got a few posts that I think are under-rated 😉 I’ve whittled the list down to this one – “From Here to Timbuktu – Part 2: Reaching the End of the Earth“.  When I was a kid, learning my geography, maps, ancient cities & cultures – I had a wee bee in my bonnet about this place. So, for the life of me, I can’t understand why so few other people aren’t curious about what Timbuktu looks like!! Truth be told, it is rather over-rated and belies little of its former glorious past…

Welcome to Timbuktu City of 333 Saints

7: The Post I Am Most Proud Of

I’m not so much proud of the post – more proud of what I did, which I then posted about!  Following on from the Most Controversial Post above – this is what happens when you live in Africa and don’t waste a single morsel of food… “Mali Field Camp Files – If it’s in the yard, It’s on the menu“.

And now, I’d like to nominate the following bloggers to receive the 7 Links award:

Meanderer from The Lantern Room – what this lady doesn’t already know about flowers and the natural world around her, she makes the point of researching the information to share with her readers.  I learn a lot about the garden I wish to have – from her!

Happypopeye (aka John) from Wandering the World – A self-confessed wannabe nomad – John takes the most stunning portrait photographs (and landscapes and everyday settings) from some pretty remote and far-flung spots in this world.  He’s also got an exceptional attitude to travelling and investigating different cultures.  Click here to read his 7-Links post.

Sheila at Imagery of Light takes beautiful images… She helps me look at things from a different perspective as I try to improve my photography.

There are many bloggers who I have only recently become acquainted with and I could perhaps add many more nominees in the coming weeks as I catch up on return visits.  There are also a few bloggers who I would automatically nominate, but they’ve already received their nominations from Lisa, who nominated me 🙂

No nominee needs to feel obliged to accept the 7 Links award, but it would be great to see which posts you would choose to re-share with your readers 🙂