A View From Aghadoe to the Lakes of Killarney (and golf course, of course)

“Where the heck is Aghadoe?” I hear you ask.

Well, if you head out of Killarney Co. Kerry, on your way to either the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsula – it’s in the hills just above the Killarney Golf Course.

Talking of the golf course – we were there the week after the Irish Open 2010.  I wasn’t allowed to drive past it.  Husband, being an avid golfer (when he gets the chance), HAD to have a quick look around.

I left him to inspect the teeing ground of the first hole and it’s length of grass, as is his wont, and I eyed up “camera candy”, as is mine.

Situated right on the shores of Lough Leane, this is a lovely spot indeed.

After the fairway inspections we headed up the hill to Aghadoe, which offers lovely views towards the Lough Leane and Killarney itself.

The ruins of both the Parkavonear Castle Keep and Aghadoe Cathedral are within strolling distance of the Aghadoe Heights Hotel.

The cathedral is a ruin of a Romanesque church from the 11-12th Century.

Romanesque carvings on the western doorway

The keep is the only surviving remnant of an 13th Century castle built after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169.

The walls of this structure are so thick, that there is a staircase within them!

So, of course – I had to climb them and see the view from “up there”!

I’m guessing that the square holes in the walls would have been where large oak beams would have supported flooring on the various levels within the keep.

 August, 2010

2 thoughts on “A View From Aghadoe to the Lakes of Killarney (and golf course, of course)

  1. When I went to Ireland with my dad, we played a few rounds of golf and man, it was so hard! I’m not the best golfer but did enjoy playing such incredible courses and scenery. Reading your posts on Ireland make me want to go back. It is such an easy flight too from the US. Maybe someday, huh. I love your photos too! You are an excellent photographer!

    1. Hi Nicole and thank you so much for the kind compliments! I’m not so sure I can call myself a photographer as such, I still think that I am figuring it all out, but I do enjoy it immensely 🙂
      I have to agree with you about wanting to go back (already!) I think if my husband had brought his golf clubs with him, he would definitely have played a round or two. I’m not so sure I would play well enough without worrying I was holding up any golfers that were teeing off after us! Probably best to just leave me at the driving range 😉

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