Whilst staying at the Loskop Dam, we tried to visit the nearby Loskop Nature Reserve only to be turned away from the gate as the Mpumulanga Parks Board were on strike.

Luckily for us, there was a small reptile park back up the road, and for want of something to do – we popped in.

Most of the snakes were in their glass houses, snuggled up behind and under branches and strips of bark.  Not too many photographic opportunities presented themselves, until we got outside.

Basking in the weak sun were three larger-than-life crocodiles.

I did not take a single photo of an entire Nile Crocodile, but instead zoomed in for some close-ups.

I never realised how patterned the skin of a crocodile was – just thinking they were some shade of dark green/brown.  Turns out – there’s more to it than that 🙂

Loskop Dam – August, 2011