The flights are booked, the accommodation is reserved – all I have to do now is finish the ironing and then we will be packed and ready to fly!

Departure is set for tomorrow evening.

My husband is attending the conference “Africa Down-Under” in Perth next week.  If any of you were to think that I would let my husband visit a new destination on this planet without me, think again 🙂  We can’t fly all that way for just 3 days either… that just doesn’t make economic sense 😉

Before the conference, we shall be hopefully checking out the following:

  • Cervantes – Nambung National Park – The Pinnacles
  • Shark Bay – playing with dolphins at Monkey Mia – Living fossils (aka stromatolites) at Hamelin Pool
  • Kilbarri National Park – Murchison River
  • Taking the Prospector train to Kalgoorlie – The Super Pit
Whilst my husband is at the conference itself, I am planning on visiting the King’s Park Botanical Gardens and whatever else I can think of that is within the city of Perth.
We’re also hoping to make a couple of day trips to places like Rottnest Island and Fremantle – but if anyone out there has any suggestions of what to do or where to go – then I’d be more than grateful to hear from you!