A while back, and originally posted over on Scene Scope (now relocated and assimilated into this blog), I posted a picture of “Ripples in the Sand“.  This was followed up, somewhat later, by “Ripples in the Water“.  Both of these photos were the start of what I shall refer to as “The Bathroom Series” (perhaps I ought to set a category up for that 😉 ).

I was looking for abstract beach/water related images that I would, one day, be proud enough to print, frame and hang up in my bathroom.

Whilst frolicking around at Shell Beach, I spotted a few more options to add to the portfolio…

I totally LOVE this effect 🙂

Shell Beach, Shark Bay – August, 2011

An aside note: later on today – my mum and I shall be retracing our steps to Yellowcraig Beach, which was the location for the “Ripples” posts… I shall be taking my camera 🙂