The Greenough Leaning Tree

…a lot, it would seem, around here!

Located 400km north of Perth is a small town called Greenough, which is well-known for its leaning trees: the River Gum – Eucalyptus camaldulensis.

Viewed from a parking area, next to the Brand Highway, is this extreme version of one of them.

This characteristic lean is a result of strong southerly winds that contain a fair amount of salt particles, which burns off any potential new growth on the southern side of the tree.

Greenough, Western Australia – August, 2011

10 thoughts on “The Greenough Leaning Tree

    1. Hi Nigel – I also feel quite sorry for it! There are plenty other leaning trees, although, compared to this one, are pretty upright!

    1. It is rather curious isn’t it!? I’ve seen what I would consider a leaning tree before, but they are only off vertical by a few degrees… never quite so “crippled” like this one.

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