I’m not entirely sure what the name for this beautiful flower is.  I first thought that it might be of the Banksia clan, but noticed that their (Banksias, that is) stamens all stem from a single cone-like structure.  It may also be because I had just been walking through the Banksia section at the botanical gardens and was somewhat blinkered in both vision and thought.

This plant is hollow inside and could well be the perfect, feathery trap for small insects.  I don’t think this one is carnivorous though – it’s probably to help ensure visiting insects get thoroughly covered in pollen 🙂

The more I look at it, the more I now think it could be a Protea of some sort.  Although the only Proteas I have seen do not have such long, serrated leaves, nor are they so shrubby.

Anyone got any ideas??

King’s Park Botanical Gardens, Perth – August, 2011