Five years ago, my husband and I made the trip to Djenné.  It was only when I was cleaning up the photos I had taken using a little Sony Cybershot that I realised that I had brought along The Big Camera, too.

The Big Camera was a Pentax P30T that I had bought back in 1991.  I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not really knowing how to use it.  I only replaced it with a DSLR two years ago.  It did, however, die long before that.

Due to moving home, lots of travel and various other changing circumstances, I had taken the film out of the camera and put it somewhere safe… I discovered this final roll of film a few weeks ago whilst unpacking furniture and stuff we had shipped over from South Africa to Scotland.

…Hmmm, I wonder what’s on here?

What you are about to see are the final frames taken using this Pentax P30T, as is.  Save for cropping the edges, I have decided not to attempt to manipulate them in any way whatsoever in Photoshop.

The camera is dead.  Long live the camera!