Just about everyone I know has a Bucketlist of one sort or another (this one being inspired by the adventurous and life-loving Lesley Carter).  I didn’t.  Well, not a defined list, that is.  I’ve never sat down to make one until now – and then it dawned on me that a lot of the things I would put on the list, I’ve had the good fortune to actually do already!  I guess the “list” was be in my head somewhere all along despite my previous apathy towards giving it any real thought.

So what would make the list, and what can I check off?  Here’s the first 20 ideas that came to me (in no particular order). I’m sure there will be many more – so I will probably post them as I come up with them!  It’s also a great way to remind myself of some posts I need to blog about…

1. Climb up an active volcano and gaze into the lava-burping belly of the depths of the earth. – Check. Mount Villarrica, Chile – April, 2001

2. Take a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls and through the Zambezi River Gorge. – Check. July, 2004

3. Raft the White Water Rapids on previously mentioned Zambezi River – Check and Check. September, 1997 & July, 2004

4. Visit Iceland and bathe in geothermal pools whilst being snowed upon.

5. Swim with Dolphins. Check (if you count paddling with them 🙂 ) Check. August, 2011

6. Ride on the back of an elephant. Check. July, 2004

7. Go camel riding in the Sahara Desert. Check. February, 2006

8. Visit Timbuktu – THE middle of nowhere. Check. February, 2006

9. Perfect my Afrikaans & French linguistic skills – In Progress (and shall be for a long time yet!)

10. (Re-) Visit Rome & Pompeii, now that I’m old enough to appreciate them.. and perhaps put back that tiny piece of mosaic that I picked up as a naughty teenager!

11. Learn how to make cheese. Oh yeah baby! I love cheese 🙂

12. Try out archery

13. See the Aurora Borealis. Check & Check. Finland, 1996 & 1997 (AMAZING by the way)

14. Cruise the fjords of Norway

15. Hike up to Machu Pichu

16. Explore the Galapagos Islands

17. Walk the West Highland Way

18. Attend Oktoberfest IN Germany

19. Perfect the making of Biltong – in Scottish climatic conditions

20. Go to Yellowstone National Park (before it blows – an perhaps be there when it does.  What a way to go – I am a Geologist, after all!).

Been there? Done that? – Let me know if you’ve done anything on this list – point me to your posts if you’ve blogged about them 🙂