I really would like to be posting about the pandas arriving at Edinburgh Zoo, or the 20 second flurry of snow that fell today in Edinburgh, but I am not in Edinburgh and did not witness anything for myself.


I like pandas. I’m quite excited that Sunshine and Sweet are coming to visit.  I know two little girls that would really enjoy a visit to see these lovable, adorable bears.

I also know two grown-up girls who’d equally love to see them: me and my sister – to the point that my sister has forbidden me to see them without her! Hopefully the two “little” sisters (aka The Pink Tornadoes) can join us “BIG” sisters in Edinburgh for the Easter holidays when a trip to the zoo will be scheduled as an ABSOLUTE MUST!

In the meantime, I have to settle for being in London this week – for work reasons (also Boo).  But it’s December, and although it is crazy with tourists and Christmas shoppers, there’s still something to see and do in London.  Today, I bring you the Christmas Lights from Oxford Street and Regent Street.

I had a specific present in mind for a specific relative, which meant I had to go to Liberty of London (and NOT get side-tracked by fabrics on level 3 😉 ).  We popped out from Underground at Oxford Circus, just as night was drawing in…