After visiting and leaving comments on fellow blogger Lisa @ Notes from Africa’s “Dream Series” – I was invited, as a guest blogger, to write up my perspective on the dreams I have.
Although it may seem like a departure from my usual topics covered here, on The Unwitting Traveller, I am considering the possibility that even though I may not be travelling in the physical sense – my mind is often wandering freešŸ™‚
I invite you to head on over to Notes from Africa and take part in Lisa’s Dream Survey

Notes from Africa

A guest post by Lu from The Unwitting Traveller for Notes from Africa

Firstly, Iā€™d like to thank Lisa for inviting me to guest blog here on Notes from Africa. I consider it to be a huge compliment to be putting forth words to be read by Lisaā€™s audience ā€“ so I hope I donā€™t fail her.

(Given the topic is about dreams and dreaming ā€“ I note, with some irony, as I begin writing for this post, that it is 3:30am. I wonder what kind of dream I was having last nightā€¦)

TheĀ SandmanĀ is a mythical character in WesternĀ folkloreĀ who brings good dreams by sprinklingĀ magical sandĀ onto the eyes of children while they sleep at night.Ā  (Source: Wikipedia)

I dream. I dream a lot. I am aware that I am dreaming whilst I am dreaming, and can honestly say that I dream almost every night. The only times I wouldnā€™t knowā€¦

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