Christmas Spirit deserted us at the 11th hour.  Well, at 1:30am on Christmas Day to be precise.

My mother suffered a mild heart attack in the early hours of the 25th December and had, quite possibly, been building up to one all day long.  Had I known the symptoms beforehand, I would not have allowed her to go and do her last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.  My only solace is that at least my sister was with her for the whole day.

Thankfully, she was very well looked after by all the Doctors and Nurses at hospital and is now, one stent later, staying with me so that I can keep an eye on her.

So, I am grounded in the sense that I ought to have landed at Johannesburg airport, along with my husband, earlier this morning, but what I also realise is that this is a grounding for more than one reason.

Mum’s health scare has brought to light a few family health histories, previously not openly discussed.  Both her parents succumbed to heart attacks and high cholesterol is rife on both sides of my family.

2012 marks the year that I reach the age of 40.  I don’t look forty; I don’t feel forty.  I certainly don’t act forty 😉  Despite all this, I am aware that it is now or never –  time to start looking after my health: cut down on the bad habits and introduce some more wholesome habits.  Nothing too drastic is required.  Perhaps a portion or two more of oily fish instead of feasting on lovely lamb chops…  I might not be able to prevent a genetic pre-disposition to these conditions, but I’m not going to let it get the better of me either.

Mum is doing fine – in fact it’s proving to be quite the challenge to get her to take some rest!

So, here’s to a Happy New Year and here’s to Healthy New Years to come!

Here’s to blue skies ahead…