Welcome to 2012! Edinburgh’s New Year Fireworks

Happy New Year!!

My parents and I went to watch the fireworks from Bruntsfield Links, not far from home – and joined the crowds that had also gathered to see in the New Year.  It was a wonderful atmosphere – with kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents all in the mix.  Admittedly, there were quite a few more teenagers than any other group!

I thought about setting up my big camera and tripod – but it was pretty windy last night.  We were fortunate in that the rain stayed away just long enough for us to walk home 🙂

Instead, I filmed the 6-minute firework show (which took 8 hours to upload to YouTube!!)

Enjoy the show (remember, it was windy!)


11 thoughts on “Welcome to 2012! Edinburgh’s New Year Fireworks

  1. What a wonderful display – and I’m really impressed with your filming skills, considering it was windy! It was also good being able to watch the display without the addition of strange choices in music – as with the London fireworks. I watched that display on TV but couldn’t believe the weird choice in accompanying music – awful.

    1. Thank you Meanderer 🙂 We were on the “wrong” side of the castle for the music. Had we been down on Princes St (along with 80,000 other folks) we would have heard the music, but probably jostled around too much by the happy hogmanay revellers that I wouldn’t have managed to film a thing! I never did catch the London fireworks on tv… so got no idea of the music. I’ll take your word for it though 😉

    1. Thank you Sheila – That’s one of the beautiful things about Edinburgh – the castle is such an iconic feature, which conveniently sits on top of a hill (well, volcanic plug if you want to get technical 😉 ) – so it is visible from just about anywhere in the city. It would be difficult to NOT see the fireworks!
      Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Thank you Lisa – I’m also glad I tried filming it 🙂 The wind was so strong that the light trails from each firework would have been very blurry, whether or not the camera was hand-held or fixed to a tripod… so I’m pleased with the choice I made on the night! It’s also cool to hear all the cheers and get the sense of the festive ambiance 🙂
      I wonder if there are any satellite photos of fireworks… maybe they don’t show up as the city lights might be too strong for them to stand out? It would be quite cool if you could see them though 🙂

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