Finland in Reflection

You’ll have to excuse me: I’m seasonally challenged at the moment.  I have just realised that I am experiencing a proper Summer season for the first time in over a year.  Last year it went a bit like this for me: Winter – Spring – Autumn – Winter – Spring – Autumn – Winter and now, finally, Summer.  I guess that’s what happens when you migrate between the North and South Hemispheres, a lot.  Seasons go missing.

I could postpone the posting of these photos, which would put them at the appropriate time of year, but I just can’t wait to be seasonally correct!

It is October – November (honest) and it is 1995.  Through work, I got the absolute pleasure of visiting Finland.  We were hunting for kimberlites – the host rocks for diamonds.  It involved walking through lots of fir tree plantations, getting rained on (a lot) and having to put up with a ridiculous number of black fly that would insist on trying to get up your nose – until I wised up and bought a head net.

It was a pretty unglamorous time, really.  We were each tied with 25m-long pieces of rope to a colleague, who would have been either in front of, or behind you, depending on who was operating the compass & gps and who was operating the magnetometer.  The purpose of which was to take geophysical readings across a grid, often hundreds of meters across.  All the while we were in full waterproofs, à la mode 1995 and dodgy camouflaged head nets.  Delightful.

Luckily for us, major compensation awaited us at the end of every day.  Our accommodation was found in the form of beautiful holiday chalets, more often than not, located on the edge of a pristine lake.

There are lots of lakes in Finland.

Basically, wherever there isn’t a tree plantation – there is a lake.  It’s just the way it is 🙂

They are absolutely beautiful and serene.  The evening light was, quite simply, magnificent.


33 thoughts on “Finland in Reflection

    1. Thanks Ramblecake for your kind comments… I should be used to the seasonal confusion by now, but hey – like you say, when you miss out on a summer, it’s tough!

  1. How beautiful!!! I love Finland!!! My grandfather was Finnish and I absolutely love to travel there, even though the part of Finland where my grandfather was born is now part of Russia since the Winter War.
    I have just started a blog called Beautiful Helsinki and am hoping to travel a bit more in Finland this year.

    1. Hi Debra, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Finland. It is so beautiful and such a peaceful setting. Trees, lakes and I forgot to mention rivers, lots of them too! I didn’t get to spend any time in Helsinki, just time between arriving from the airport and getting onto an overnight train to head up to Outokumpo..
      I’d like to go back, but in the meantime – it looks like I’ll be visiting your Beautiful Helsinki blog 🙂

  2. Beautiful Lu! It reminds me so much of Minnesota! I think that is why so many people from Scandinavia immigrated here. We are full of Swedes, Norwegians and also Finns. I would love to go there someday! Great post!

    1. Thank you Nicole! – I’ve never been to Minnesota, but your snowy winter photos would easily convince me that the Scandinavians would see it as a home away from home!

    1. Thanks JP – I didn’t think I would be alone in the “seasonally confused” department 🙂
      The landscape in Finland was wonderfully soothing indeed!

  3. Hi Lu, your articles with nice photos suddenly remind me about my Finn friend who visited me in Indonesia several months ago. He gave me his photo albums about Finland in which the photos were taken by himself. Yes like you wrote, many lakes I saw. Those are look so calm and peaceful.
    I really enjoy your article here with the inspiration of visiting Finland someday. Terima kasih Lu (thank you in Bahasa Indonesia) 🙂

    1. Hi Sonny – thank you so much for leaving such kind comments. I really enjoyed my visit to Finland, and will always remember how calming the scenery was. It would be great it you got the opportunity of seeing it for real 🙂
      Terima kasih!

  4. beautiful pictures…make me feel nostalgic…lived in Finland for a couple of years and miss it like crazy…lapeenranta,turku,hanko,tampere,oulu,helsinki,rovaniemi,inari,ivalo,kammanen…all beautiful places! thanks for the lovely pics 🙂

    1. Wow – you certainly have seen a lot of Finland, I am quite envious!
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    1. Thanks Vilma – I’m off to Iceland this weekend for some more northern summer (if that’s what you can call it!!) and nightless nights 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

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