The countdown is on… Only a few days to go!  In fact, by Friday evening I should be at a brand new location 🙂

I’m so excited that I can hardly wait – and yet, I’m somewhat irrationally concerned that I might jinx this trip by merely mentioning the name of the destination.  So much so that I’ll wait until I’ve got there before I categorise this post with the appropriate country name!

I’ll give you all a few clues though, by offering a few random tid-bits:

1.  Technically speaking, it’s a part of Africa.

2.  It has the smallest population of any African State – a mere 86,525 people.

3.  It’s international dialling code is +248.

4.  It is home to strangely named plants such as the “Love Nut” and the “Jellyfish Tree”.

5.  It’s also home to the smallest frog and the heaviest of giant tortoises…

6.  “Thunderbirds Are GO!” – the TV show was filmed somewhere around here.

7.  Ian Fleming wrote a few of his “James Bond” novels whilst visiting.

8.  I can also offer a clue with the following photographs – as I get myself, and camera, kitted out for some (hopefully) awesome photos:

Diving and snorkelling are big on the list of activities offered at this location.  I’ve never gone diving, and strangely enough – I’m not all that bothered to try.  Snorkelling, however, is awesome.  I’ve long since wanted to try out some underwater photography and/or video, so when I saw that the compact digital camera I bought last year has a special waterproof case, I didn’t hesitate to invest in one.  This one cost me about £29 and offers waterproof protection down to a depth of 3m.

For those of you who do want to dive and take photos – there is a case (for this camera model) that works to a depth of 40m.  The only drawback of that particular case is it’s cost: at £160, it’s more expensive than the camera itself!

9. Last clue.  All I’ll say is: “Rogue Shark” & “Exclusion Nets”.  I might still not snorkel mid-afternoon, though, just to be on the safe side…

So, can you guess where it is yet??