I can now officially reveal the destination I was hinting at in the last post!  It was, indeed, the Seychelles 🙂

Well done to those of you who guessed correctly!  The reason behind not wanting to jinx it can be found here… Now do you see why I was so hesitant to sing from the rooftops the minute we booked it!?

How beautiful are these islands??  If I had the spare cash, I’d be booking my next trip there in an instant!

We got back just before lunch today (Friday), and I must say that I had such a fantastic week that it felt as though I’ve only been away for a few days!  I haven’t had the opportunity to download all my photos yet, and I’ll readily admit to still being on “holiday mode”.  Luckily, the weekend has only just begun 🙂

Alas, I have a confession to make: I succumbed to the odd beer or two…  How could I resist? Just look at this setting!!

Dear Beer – You got me again, but I swear this is the last time!!

The food was also fabulous and I ate about as much fish and Creole Sauce as I could possibly manage and still allow myself to squeeze into my shorts the next day!

That being said, I’m looking forward to tucking into a rump steak tonight.

There’s so much to tell you, but you will have to wait until I’ve got my mind back to thinking for the whole story!

Stay Tuned 🙂