Following our morning’s wanderings on the Island of Curieuse, our afternoon was spent snorkelling in the shallows.  The swimming and snorkelling ban imposed by the government following last year’s shark attacks meant that our options for exploring were greatly limited.  I noted last week, after our return from the Seychelles, that the ban has now been lifted.  Timing is everything, or not.

Despite not being able to go far, I enjoyed my little snorkelling adventure with my camera – testing out its new waterproof casing.

I don’t know many fish species.  I just like looking at them and watching them dart about.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Fish with black spot

Pretty seaweed

The one that got away...

Ghostly bodies - bright blue tails

I love the markings on this fish - looks like yellow lipstick!

Here fishy fishy - turn around, please?

Some more fish

My favourites - black and white stripy fish

For every one photo I have included in this post, there are a dozen or so blurry photos.  My camera was set to “underwater” mode.  Presumably, this is for colour enhancement; it certainly wasn’t for capturing action shots!  I am thinking that next time I will perhaps try using the “kids & pets” mode… i.e. for fast moving subjects!

I did try out a little movie-making… That was until the battery ran out!

Now, I know my video skills are a little on the shaky side – but I’m not too chuffed at how the quality of this video comes out via YouTube’s (extreme compression) service.  It looks so much better in its original format.  Do any of you know whether it is beneficial (i.e. value for money) to use WordPress’s Video Upgrade?  If so, please let me know your thoughts on the matter.  I’d appreciate it, greatly 🙂