Tropical Fish Hunt

Following our morning’s wanderings on the Island of Curieuse, our afternoon was spent snorkelling in the shallows.  The swimming and snorkelling ban imposed by the government following last year’s shark attacks meant that our options for exploring were greatly limited.  I noted last week, after our return from the Seychelles, that the ban has now been lifted.  Timing is everything, or not.

Despite not being able to go far, I enjoyed my little snorkelling adventure with my camera – testing out its new waterproof casing.

I don’t know many fish species.  I just like looking at them and watching them dart about.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Fish with black spot

Pretty seaweed

The one that got away...

Ghostly bodies - bright blue tails

I love the markings on this fish - looks like yellow lipstick!

Here fishy fishy - turn around, please?

Some more fish

My favourites - black and white stripy fish

For every one photo I have included in this post, there are a dozen or so blurry photos.  My camera was set to “underwater” mode.  Presumably, this is for colour enhancement; it certainly wasn’t for capturing action shots!  I am thinking that next time I will perhaps try using the “kids & pets” mode… i.e. for fast moving subjects!

I did try out a little movie-making… That was until the battery ran out!

Now, I know my video skills are a little on the shaky side – but I’m not too chuffed at how the quality of this video comes out via YouTube’s (extreme compression) service.  It looks so much better in its original format.  Do any of you know whether it is beneficial (i.e. value for money) to use WordPress’s Video Upgrade?  If so, please let me know your thoughts on the matter.  I’d appreciate it, greatly 🙂


16 thoughts on “Tropical Fish Hunt

  1. I went diving in the Geat Barrier Reef an it was the most unbelievable underwater adventure I have ever had. I only had a disposable underwater camera so I hardly got any good photos. It is amazing to see the underwater world! Truly magical!

    1. It is magical isn’t it? A totally different rhythm to life. I should imagine the Great Barrier Reef must have been utterly fantastic 🙂

      1. Yes it sure was unbelievable. It truly made me want to get certified as a diver yet there is no time right now. It was the most amazing reef I’d ever seen!

    1. They are super cute, aren’t they!? I felt as though I could just reach out and touch them. They didn’t seem to mind me (trying) to float along with them 🙂

    1. Thank you Xandi – I had a lot of fun taking these photos. I only wish we had more time to spend there – and more battery power!

  2. Hi,

    I am just starting a blog under the ON DEMAND theme. One of my problems is that video posts don’t autogenerate a thumbnail. How did you manage to insert a thumbnail in this video post? Please, answer with us much detail as you can, in order to help me with this issue. Otherwise, I’ll aks for a refund of the the purchase (which has lots of pros, but has this fundamental cons). Evandro

    1. Hi Evandro,
      I agree that ON DEMAND is a brilliant theme – but I understand your issue completely.
      You are quite correct in noting that no thumbnail is generated automatically from a video upload. You MUST upload a still image (Jpeg) in addition to your movie file.
      Start editing your post as you would normally in “Add New Post” and click on the “Add Media” icon above the text box.
      Upload a jpeg of your choice from your computer/URL/Media library.
      Once it is uploaded you will see all it’s details including options to add a caption. Below all this there is the option to “use as featured image”. Click this link.
      If you want to include the jpeg in the post, then also click “insert into post”.
      If you DON’T want to include the jpeg in the post, scroll a bit further down the page and click on “save all changes” before closing the box.
      Now, on the bottom right toolbar of your editing page there is a “featured image” box – you should see the jpeg you have just uploaded.
      Save the post (or in previously published posts – click update)
      Now on the home page you should see your thumbnail of choice for that specific post.

      Hope that this helps – let me know if you there is anything I haven’t explained properly 🙂
      I hope that you enjoy this theme – sure there are a few things to work out, but I think it’s worth it.

      1. Hi Lu,

        Thanks a lot for your reply. It was really helpful. I have one finding of mine to share. After following your recommendations, I still did not have a thumbnail from a specific vídeo frame. I just pressed the right buttom of the mouse over the video in the post and chose the option “save as a picture”. Thus I got a Jpeg thumbnail fo a video frame. Them I followed what you said and I am so happy. Also, I left the post marked as sticky and had the video uploaded in the carousel slider mixed with text and photo posts.

        Happy Greetings from Brazil. Evandro.

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