After departing from the Vallee de Mai, we decided to stay on the bus and head all the way to the top of the island and check out the famed beach, Anse Lazio.  It is considered to be the best beach on Praslin Island, and one of the top beaches of the Seychelles Archipelago.

I am not sure if the bus ever actually goes all the way to the beach, but if it does then we were rather unfortunate on the day we visited: there were some repairs being made to a bridge just up the hill from the junction at Anse Boudin.  The bus dropped us off 1km away from our intended destination.

Local dogs keep an eye on comings and goings at the bus stop

The walk turned out to be a 500m hike up-hill, followed by 500m descent.  All the while we walked it, we were thoroughly aware of what the return trip would be like.

Although trying to capture the bird (with the wrong lens) you can appreciate the elevation of our “walk”: this was about 3/4 of the way up…

Luckily for us, there were refreshments to be had at The Bonbon Plume.

A pricey place to eat, but the food smelled great! The beer was only slightly more affordable…

As we cooled off we were visited by a Zebra Dove – they are seen everywhere and are either incredibly tame and unafraid, or lazy: you can practically step on them before they move away!

Zebra Dove: they still don’t sit still for photographs, however.

The beach is simply stunning, despite the highly visible shark nets and restrictions on swimming and snorkelling, which were still in place at the time.  Although I am glad these will have been removed by now, I also appreciated how quiet the beach was – how few people there were to crowd out this narrow strip of golden sand.

The tourist trade would have, no doubt, been negatively affected by the shark attacks of last year and the subsequent banning of swimming and snorkelling outside of exclusion zones.  My feeling is that the shark responsible would have long gone by now, whether or not it was the one that fishermen caught.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long at the ultimate beach paradise.  We had a sunset cruise planned for late afternoon and we were unsure how long it would take to get back to the bus-stop – with a couple of beers inside us!