Green Day Geckos

These little guys are Seychelles Day Geckos.

They were to be found just about everywhere you looked on Praslin Island: on the stoep (balcony), in amongst palm leaves and clambering up tree trunks.

They are very cute.  So cute, I’ve decided to give them a post all to themselves…

Let’s zoom in on this one… How cool are these patterns?!


20 thoughts on “Green Day Geckos

    1. Yeah, usually also only see the “night” geckos – they’re brown, almost translucent and believe it or not – only seen after the sun goes down!
      It was a real treat to see these little dudes 🙂

    1. Hi f-stop mama – yes, I like that little guy too. He was seriously eyeing me up. Either that, or he caught his own reflection in my camera lens 😉

    1. Thank you so much becomingcliche 🙂
      The giant tortoises are fantastic creatures albeit on a completely different scale to the little geckos!
      Hope you get to go sometime soon 🙂

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