Paris at Night

Paris. Does it need any introduction?

Here are a few of my favourite photos I took during a short visit to the French capital a couple of years ago.

No words, just photos:

Long range views photographed from the top of Montparnasse Tower.

September, 2010

34 thoughts on “Paris at Night

    1. Hi Lady Lost – I couldn’t agree with you more… I’d have been snapping away – if only my battery didn’t give up the challenge! If it’s not one thing, it’s another!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment πŸ™‚

      1. My camera and I will be on a flying visit to Paris this summer; just had to order a couple of SD cards and a spare battery. Can’t let anything stop me capturing such beautiful streets πŸ™‚

      2. If I had known just how many photographs I would have taken – I’d have done the very same thing! As it is, I have my eye on a monster 64Gb super speedy SD card so in future trips I won’t miss a thing! I hope you enjoy your trip πŸ™‚
        Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    1. The city of light it absolutely is – thank you for reminding me of it’s nickname and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

    1. Thank you! I love this camera – I think it does extremely well. All of these shots were taken without a tripod – AND the views of Paris were taken through smudgy windows of the viewing deck up the top of Montparnasse tower. My battery passed out before we realised we could go upstairs and out on to the roof. I can only imagine how much clearer the shots might have been then! Thanks for leaving a comment – and hope you enjoy your camera πŸ™‚

  1. Wow! Beautiful images! I usually mess up the night shots.
    The Eiffel tower was lit up in blue the year we went (2008) to mark the French presidency of the EU!

    1. Thanks Madhu – night shots used to get the better of me too – but I keep practising πŸ™‚
      A blue Eiffel Tower must have been an amazing sight!

    1. Thanks f-stop mama – Paris must be one of the most adored cities in the world – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone dislike it – well the historical central area, at least.

  2. Lu Paris is my most favorite city in the world. I spent a semester abroad there in 1994 and have many memories of drinking cheap French wine under the tour Eiffel with pals. Ahhh Paris!!! I still speak French too after all these years!

    1. Lucky you, Nicole for having that fabulous opportunity! Was this more “immersion technique” language learning for you??

      1. Yes it was awesome! I did a semester at the Sorbonne and it was all in French. It was very hard yet it probably would have been better if I lived with a family instead of on a campus. Unfortunately outside of class a lot of English was spoken with my friends and I probably didn’t learn French as quickly as I could. I did spend the summer then as an au pair with a french family and then my french really took off. I want to write about this someday on my blog but just haven’t had the time. Also it was so long ago now! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Nigel – I can only imagine your take on this subject, what with your photographic abilities with night and light πŸ™‚

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