A Very Scottish Summer’s Day

Ok, Ok – I know we are only mid-way through May and we are talking about Scotland here.  Perhaps it is a little disingenuous of me to expect it to be anything else, but I do remember (back in the day) that May was usually quite nice for weather, even for Scotland.  The reason I remember this, is because May is a month for exams; those dreaded end-of-year exams at University, and before that – O’Grades and Highers.  Without doubt, the couple of days before an exam, the weather would be beautiful.  Instead of being able to go outside and enjoy it, I’d be sitting indoors studying/cramming furiously.

The weather this month has been anything but how I remember it.  True, there have been a couple of days where the sun has shone brilliantly – until the next puffy cloud rolls along.  Saturday was one of those glorious days, where I didn’t even need to wear a jacket.  It was positively tropical!

Sunday (yesterday) plunged us all back into what seemed to be late autumn/early winter rather than late spring.  Rather than being wrapped up in the comfort of a blanket in front of the TV, I was out walking with a group of Ramblers.

It rained ALL day; not once did it let up – not even for our lunch break.  We walked approximately 14 km through boggy fields and along sodden tracks.  It was great and I enjoyed every single minute of it!  Let’s face it, if you waited for the right weather to hike in Scotland – you might have to wait a long time!

Meeting up with a group of Highland Cows

Right, you lot stay there on the path, just as you are – we’ll walk around, then

Clever wee things – they must think we’re mad!

Sir Rannulph Fiennes got it right when he said “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”.  My waterproofs were 100% effective and my boots were comfortable and dry.  I was as snug as a bug in a rug – despite being blown about by gusts of wind and attacked by occasional sheets of horizontal rain.

Bonny Scotland – or should that be Boggy Scotland?

Scotland is just as beautiful in the rain, as it is in sunnier spells.  Trouble is photography can be pretty limited whilst it is raining – so you might just have to take my word for it 🙂

23 thoughts on “A Very Scottish Summer’s Day

    1. Or could that be “mist”ified..? I love a good pun!
      They certainly had the best spot for shelter against the weather 🙂

    1. Highland Cows are most certainly my favourite breed of cow. They’re fabulous 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment

    1. Hi Niki – yes, from a parent’s point of view – bad weather is probably not such a bad thing during exam time. I’ve got my fingers crossed for June, too!
      Thanks for popping in and commenting 🙂

  1. I have memories of revising for and sitting exams on glorious days as well. We had one week of summer in March in Edinburgh and last week we had a solid week of rain. What’s going on?!
    Love the Highland Cattle!

    1. What’s going on indeed!? I really hope that March was not this year’s summer!!
      I’m quite glad I’m not the only one who remembers May being nice – I was beginning to think it was all a dream 😉

    1. They are great aren’t they? This was the closest I’ve been to them – sans fence! I did give them a respectably wide berth as I walked past… Those horns could do some damage!!
      If you don’t mind this kind of weather – you’d love it here 🙂

    1. They look so cuddly – ok, not when wet and covered in mud, perhaps! Luckily my kit is relatively new – I haven’t needed a rain jacket or waterproof trousers for years, it’s only since I figured I might get the chance to spend more time in Scotland that I invested in a set. I remember my old jacket being quite useless – not being able to afford the fancy Goretex at the time!
      At least the hose-pipe ban has been lifted for many in the Southeast – so at least something good has come from it all.

  2. Neighbours used to have Highland cows and I just could watch them all day. Beautiful creatures. Also my all time favourite cow too, but then I also like the Jersey cows and the Belted Galloways too.
    Sing to the rain for me please. I miss Scotland.

    1. How wonderful! I’d like that – having the benefit of admiring Highland Cattle without the responsibility of looking after them 😉
      I didn’t sing in the rain, but I did hum to myself – if you’re prepared to accept that!

    1. Hi Sallyann – yes, appropriate clothing is most definitely the way to go! Although last week’s weather was quite lovely 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole, one walk I want to do one day is the “West Highland Way” – it is almost a rite of passage. It is also almost guaranteed to rain 😉 I’m glad to figure out that my waterproofs work nicely – the last thing you need to find out on a 4-day hike is that they don’t work!!

  3. i love scotland! those highland cows look so cute (i know its weird) 😀 youve the most awesome job ever! im glad you document your work, theyre all amazing so keep them posting 🙂

    1. Thanks orbital decay, for your kind comments 🙂
      I think these cattle are extremely cute – so no worries on the weird front!
      Yeah, I think I am lucky that I happen to have fantastic excuses to travel, and I love being out and about and taking an interest (even if only fleeting) of what’s around me.

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