I’m slow to join in on this little party, I know.  After owning an iPhone for almost 2 years I finally got around to exploring the Instagram and Hipstamatic apps last week.

I’ll admit that, initially, I wasn’t particularly taken with the iPhone’s photographic capabilities – much preferring my Canon EOS DSLR, but I have now literally seen the light.

How much fun is this?!  Suddenly, it feels that the mundane can become interesting again!

As it happens, I was in Cape Town last week for a quick visit – and returned back to a driech Edinburgh yesterday, via Schipol (Amsterdam).  To satisfy my new-found curiosity in all things Hipstamatic, I went about snapping what caught my eye at the airports.

Admittedly, it was mostly souvenir items.

I’ve done my fair share of flying.  I’ve flown to South Africa from the UK from various airports, via any number of different airline carriers so often that I can’t recollect them all; never mind all the other trips I’ve made around Africa, to the USA, South America and idyllic island destinations.  (Would it be terribly train-spotterish of me to try and work out my collective air miles??  I think I might even shock myself!)  I’ve seen my fair share of airports and transit lounges – and sometimes take it for granted that I can buy a Kikoi at Nairobi airport and a pair of clogs at Schipol without really thinking about it.

What I enjoyed about this particular trip is the contrast between the types of souvenirs available at Cape Town International Airport and Schipol.  Beaded dolls vs cheese, wooden drums vs tulips, wooden giraffes and zebras vs clogs!

Anyway, enough wittering.  To view the photos as a gallery – click on any of the images below:

Not only am I still trying to perfect my picture framing skills, I’m still working out “film” and “lens” combinations on the basic Hipstamatic package.  In fact, I almost forgot to change the settings from a “John S” lens to a “Jimmy” lens.  I wished I had remembered sooner!