There’s so much to see when you visit the Louvre in Paris that it is almost impossible to capture it all.  I did try my best, though.

So, before you actually get inside the Louvre – what is there to see on the outside?

A Grand Approach (Look! No cars)

Magnificent masonry

A window to a different world


Impressive as this building is, this is only really half of it.  The original palace looked something like this (sans cherubims, perhaps):

Place de Louvre et Place de Tuileries

Now that’s impressive.  The things you can do with old tile factories… amazing!!  Sadly, this was destroyed during the Paris Commune in 1871.  It’s a fortunate thing that the fire that destroyed the Tuileries didn’t spread any further.

The Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries from the Eiffel Tower

Once inside the Louvre, there are views of the outside – from the inside.

The queues, the queues…

…And all boarded up and part of some palatial renovations – barely seen by many (unless you’re like me and can’t resist a peak out of a window) – are these guardians to an inner courtyard:

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À la prochaine…