I have just enjoyed a lovely 10 days visit to Ghana, where my husband is currently based for work.  Despite not doing many touristy things – I found plenty to enjoy and amuse myself with.

I had read, in advance, that shops in Ghana (mostly outside the capital city, Accra) can have some curious names, so I had some fun snapping away as many as I could as we drove past them.

I have never before witnessed religion so visual as this.  In addition to shop and street names, there were huge posters advertising religious gatherings, church services and the passing away, or as it is often referred to as the “home call to glory” of notable members of the community.  I didn’t photograph any of these latter posters – out of respect to the dead.  It didn’t seem quite right.

(Click on any one of the images below to view as a slideshow)

However, there were many that I wasn’t able to photograph (either I was too slow to snap it as we drove speedily past, or there were too many obstacles in the way).  I did scribble down some names, though.

Some make sense – others seem rather more obscure.

Oasis of Love Road
Triumphant World Ministry
Innocent Blood Cold Storage (for meat and fish)
Mercy Hair Salon
Tell Jesus Ent.
Show Your Love Ent.
Happy Family Mortuary
Decent Spot (drinking place/pub/bar)
His Grace Fast Food
King of Glory Bakery
Rome Was Not Built in a Day
Good Things Last Longer Furniture Ent.

There are  plenty more that I can’t remember off the top of my head – but I do hope to return to Ghana someday and collect some more!