Walk Above the Trees on the Kakum National Park’s Canopy Walk

Day visitors to the Kakum National Park Canopy Walk, in the Cape Coast Region of Ghana, can wait in queues of up to 2 hours long.

A look at the first section

As you might imagine – there is limited capacity on any one of the rope bridges that swing high up in the tree tops, at any one time.

No question about it – I’m going… we paid our entrance fees, after all!!

Amongst the many tourists, there are always coach-loads of young children visiting the park on environmentally-based school trips.  It’s great to see how much they enjoyed it, although I can only imagine how much higher up one would feel when so small and young!

Better centre of gravity? Or does everything seem larger and higher up??

The total length of the canopy walk is 350m long and varies in height between 28m and 40m above ground.  After the first of seven rope bridges, there is an exit bridge for those who find the wobbly nature of the structure too unsettling.

The park is reputed to be the home to over 100 species of mammal, including the elusive forest elephant, and around 300 species of birds, but if you were hoping to catch a glimpse of any of the fauna protected within the park’s boundary, you’d be sorely disappointed.  The whoops and screams of the wobbling-bridge-walkers would be enough to scare away even the bugs!

From one platform to another – there’s no way I could take a photo whilst walking along!

A look across into the canopy

It’s difficult to convey how high up I felt I was

A look straight down – where’s the ground?

Rope bridges gently swinging under everyone’s movements

Another look across the canopy

A quick look back – all clear, but the screams of the following group can be easily heard!

21 thoughts on “Walk Above the Trees on the Kakum National Park’s Canopy Walk

  1. I love your description of the visitors’ screams. If I were walking on those bridges, it would be (in an odd way) comforting to know that everyone else is as freaked out as me. At any rate, what a beautiful view!

    1. Thanks wordmatchmaker, the experience was, quite literally, breath-taking for me – I couldn’t have screamed if I had wanted to!!
      Thanks for visiting!

    1. Hi Nicole – it was a cool trip indeed!! Those kids, by the way, were less “screamy” than some of the adults on the bridge 😉

    1. Hi cocomino – it was only a little bit scary at first, but once you get the hang of it (pun intended) then it doesn’t seem quite so bad 🙂

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