Catching the Late Evening Light at Reykjavik Harbour

It may be the land of the midnight sun, but my sister and I arrived precisely 1 month too late to experience 48 hours of solid daylight.  It still took me long enough to adjust to the extremely long days despite enjoying pretty long days in Edinburgh – well, that is if the clouds ever let up to remind me that there is actually a sun, and therefore day, out there…

Too excited to retire to our accommodation after dinner on the evening of our arrival to Iceland, we decided to have mosey down to Reykjavik’s Harbour and Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre.

Note: this is well after 11pm.

I love it 🙂

And so began our trip to Iceland, where the adjective “epic” was thoroughly overused to the point we had to ban ourselves from using it after only day 2 of our 10-day trip!

23 thoughts on “Catching the Late Evening Light at Reykjavik Harbour

  1. I have only managed to see Reykjavik from its airport, but having spent time in Helsinki during their summer I loved the experience of long days. It was an “epic” experience as well!

    1. Hi BT – I guess your visits to the airport were a result of stop-overs from the US to Europe? Helsinki is a beautiful city – I can easily see why that would have been “epic” too 🙂

  2. Those facades are awesome! Great photos! When I was in Norway, we experienced the opposite of the midnight sun, midday ‘evening’ 🙂

    1. Thanks Tonito – I had some fun maximising out my polarizing filter 🙂
      Mid-day evening, now there’s a thought. I guess I would find myself down at the local pub soon enough…. toasting my tootsies by the open fire and all that!

    1. Hi Sherman – it was blissfully peaceful… some more touristy hubs were bustling enough, but not enough to make it unpleasant, by any means.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂

    1. Hi 42travel – thanks for the lovely comment 🙂
      It wasn’t too cold… not after the “summer” we’ve been having in the UK – this was pretty much the same!!

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    1. Lisa, you would LOVE Iceland!!
      Not only is there so much beauty and natural science to keep you interested for ages, the weather/temperatures would suit you perfectly 🙂

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