It is time.  Time to take part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Community – so here is my first response, in a VERY long time, to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

[Can she keep it up? – Only time will tell!]

I love this photo, despite it being a hasty snap on my iPhone.

Reflections of artificial interior lighting cut through the natural surroundings of the exterior like a disjointed light sabre.  Is it a reflection of something deeper; that we humans are responsible for slashing through the natural beauty of the world around us for our own greed? Or, is it good old-fashioned abstract juxtaposition?

I’m trying not to over think it – I just like how the image presented itself as we were shown to our table at our favourite restaurant in Hartbeespoort Dam: Caravela.  I sat down and immediately thought “I must take a photo of that. That’s cool.”


restaurant window reflection

What sporting event are we viewing on the TVs in the car park?  Meh, who knows? Who cares?  I was checking out the reflections whilst waiting for my beer, not watching television!

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