We Are Northern Lights – I’m a Co-Director!

In the dying moments of 2011, I squared up to Edinburgh Castle, held my camera aloft and pressed “record”.


I wanted nothing more than to try and capture the fireworks show that heralds the start of a New Year.


For once, the weather was pretty good 😉


For fun, I posted the video to YouTube.  I was not expecting what happened next.

We Are Northern Lights – A Scottish Film project contacted me wishing to use my footage for a feature-length documentary they were making.  The project was aimed at documenting Scotland through the eyes of those that live there.

I also submitted footage of the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed through Bruntsfield, prior to the start of the London Olympic Games.

A week ago, I got confirmation that some of my footage (I have no idea which!) has indeed been included in the final cut and that I, novice “presser-of-the-record-button-and-hope-that-it-turns-out-to-be-reasonably-watchable”movie-maker that I am, have been included as one of 121 Co-Directors, which goes to show that anything is truly possible in this world!  I’ve even got my name in The Scotsman!

The film is being premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival on 16th February, with country-wide release scheduled for March.  I’m a smidgen more than disappointed not to be able to attend any of the screenings, as I am currently sitting in South Africa… Big BOOO HOOO! I’m so totally buying the DVD though, you know – for posterity and all that.

It will be truly interesting to see how we Scots see ourselves, and our country – especially in light of the referendum on independence that is to be held in 2014.

How do I think we see ourselves?

We are not afraid to have a laugh at ourselves.  Apparently, it is a national past-time for white-haired, auld wee wifies to have good moan (so says my mother!). We like to let our hair down, but we’re also hard workers.  We might live and work in the cities but are never too far from the most beautiful scenery in the world.  We appreciate nature, we know what is in our back yard is something to be cherished and protected.  We’ve contributed so much to the world, through inventions and innovations.  We are adventurers; we are explorers.  WE ARE EVERYWHERE: from Canada & USA, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and beyond.  We put up with crap weather on an almost daily basis!  We are proud of our land and ourselves.

And if we’re not – we should be.

24 thoughts on “We Are Northern Lights – I’m a Co-Director!

    1. I know – isn’t it!? It all seems a bit surreal at the moment. I’m quite sad to miss out on all the hype back home 😦
      Would have been awesome to go to a screening..

  1. Congratulations! It must be really cool to have your footage included in the film. 🙂

    From the Scottish novels I’ve read, I certainly get the same sense of the “Scottish character” that you describe.

    1. Thanks Lisa! It’s rather exciting, I must admit… I’m curious to see just how much of my footage has been included – after all, a feature length movie combining 121 co-directors probably means we’ve got a few seconds – to 1 minute’s time-slot maximum each! Either way, it’s all good 🙂

    1. Thank you Alesia 🙂
      Unfortunately I didn’t know of your great-uncle… I googled him though, and see that he was a tenor – AND he recorded an album in Afrikaans! Very impressive 🙂

      1. I’m even more impressed that he wrote a skit for Monty Python! You should definitely post about him 🙂

      2. I would love to share more of his story, so may be I will set up an interview with Ken, Jr (his son) at some point. I have friends in Canada that just love his music. It is really not my kind of music, but he certainly was well respected in his time. You will definitely have to ask your mother about him. She might even have one of his records.haha

      3. 🙂
        I don’t think so, we’ve raided through her LPs long ago, and I don’t recall seeing any. Maybe my aunt and uncle would have though… hmmm… I’ll have to plan a raiding mission when I get home!

      4. That is funny. I am more of a Rock and Roll kind of gal so Kismet was definitely not on my top 40 list..lol I hope you find some of his music. I think you can you tube him. Now you have me all curious too. I might have to go look at you tube..haha

      5. Absolutely. Have a wonderful day or night whatever time it is in South Africa! I am in Seattle, WA and it is morning here! I have been following your blog and photos for awhile..Love them! You are very talented.

      6. Thank you for you kind comments 🙂 Yes, it is evening time here, the sun is slowly sinking… Beer o’clock, in fact. So enjoy your morning coffee that side – and a wonderful day to you too!

    1. Thank you! Edinburgh will always be home to me, no matter where in the world I am! I quite agree with you – it is truly a beautiful city 🙂

    1. I must say that I don’t always have the opportunity myself! The weather (as I am sure you’ll understand!) is also a big factor. I think I was really lucky to have such clear conditions 🙂

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