Tombouctou Manuscripts Project in conjunction with South Africa

Timbuktu Manuscripts

Farewell Mali – Memories in the Field (Structures)

Farewell Mali – Memories on the Road (Overloaded)

Djenné: Through the Viewfinder of a Dying SLR

A Malian Musical Interlude

My 7 Links: A Review

From Here to Timbuktu – Part 3: The Arts & Crafts of the Bozo and Tuareg Peoples

From Here to Timbuktu – Part 2: Reaching the End of the Earth

Binding III – The Last of the Lashes

Binding II

From Here to Timbuktu – Part 1: To the Ends of the Earth, via Djenné & Mopti

Binding I

Papaya Leaves


Mali Field Camp Files – It’s Neither The Jungle, Nor The Sahara Desert

Mali Field Camp Files – Mantis Mania

Mali Field Camp Files – Field Work

Mali Field Camp Files – Clap Clap, Who’s There?

Mali Field Camp Files – If it’s in the yard, it’s on the menu

Mali Field Camp Files – Traditional Ground Blessing and the Sacrificial Cow