We Are Northern Lights – I’m a Co-Director!

Glorious blues

In To The Blue

Red-Hot Lava

Iceland’s Colourful Lavascapes

Krafla, toilet, Iceland

A Surprise Sighting On The Road To Hell

Raw Earth: Iceland Shows its True Colours

Waterfall of the Gods: Goðafoss

Turf Dwellings {Luxury}

The Road North

No Such Thing As Bad Weather…

Gullfoss View

Grey. Glacial. Gullfoss.

Touched by the Olympic Torch

A Very Scottish Summer’s Day

Green Day Geckos

Love Nuts

We Are Northern Lights: A Scottish Film Project

Seychelles’ Rocks

Tropical Fish Hunt

Curious about Curieuse Island?

Scary Megabats or Cute Flying Dogs?

Twin Otter Brocken Spectre ¦ Seychelles