Tombouctou Manuscripts Project in conjunction with South Africa

Timbuktu Manuscripts

Iceland's Alluvial Plains

Weekly Photo Challenge: Smappathy and Beyond

Amur Leopard

Edinburgh Zoo

Red-Hot Lava

Iceland’s Colourful Lavascapes

Krafla, toilet, Iceland

A Surprise Sighting On The Road To Hell

Raw Earth: Iceland Shows its True Colours

Waterfall of the Gods: Goðafoss

Turf Dwellings {Luxury}

The Road North

No Such Thing As Bad Weather…

Catching the Late Evening Light at Reykjavik Harbour

Walk Above the Trees on the Kakum National Park’s Canopy Walk

A Very Scottish Summer’s Day

Farewell Mali – Memories in the Field (Structures)

Views from the Eiffel Tower

Farewell Mali – Memories on the Road (Overloaded)

Les Petits Icons of Paris

Paris at Night

Sunset in Seychelles

Victoria | Seychelles